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  • May we walk through the vines and around the grounds?
    Please, enjoy the vineyards! But please also remember that these vines are part of our livelihood and take hours of hard work to help them thrive. We invite you to walk explore the vineyards as much as you like, but please observe the following rules: - No touching the vines, picking leaves, picking grapes, or damaging anything in the vineyard in anyway. As grandma used to say, “look with your eyes, not your hands!” - Children must always be supervised! Please do not allow them to play unsupervised, touch the vines, throw stones, or play with items in the vineyard. - Entering the vineyard is at your own risk. There are items in the vineyard that can be hazardous. There are hidden wires that support the vines, and we do spray regularly for disease. None of these are dangerous if you follow the rules. Please understand that for your safety, the safety of others, and to protect the vineyards, these rules are strictly enforced. If staff observe someone not following the rules they will be asked to leave.
  • Do you allow outside drinks/alcohol?
    We do not allow any outside drinks to be brought onto the winery grounds. OUTSIDE ALCOHOL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED by Ohio law and the Ohio Department of Liquor Control policy. Bringing in outside alcohol can result in the loss of the establishment’s liquor license, which in our case would mean going out of business. We have a ZERO tolerance policy, and you will immediately be asked to leave with no warning if you are caught with alcohol not sold by us.
  • Are children allowed to visit the winery?
    We love it when families visit us at the winery, but please note the winery is 21 and over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please observe the following guidelines. - Children should be under their parents supervision at all times. Please do not allow them to run through the vineyards, and please make sure they are not disturbing other patrons. - We know kids like to play, but the rocks around the patio area are there for a reason, and we appreciate the kids not moving or throwing any rocks. - If children are observed damaging property, you may be asked to take them home. This is particularly true when it comes to the vines. - We are a small facility, and while we welcome families, if the winery is very crowded, we ask that you are considerate of adult patrons looking for places to sit.
  • Do you accept reservations?
    No, sorry, we do not accept reservations. All seating is first come, first served. We will maintain a waiting lists if there are no seats avalailable. For groups, we ask that all members of the group are present before you are seated (see our group FAQ item for more information).
  • Are pets allowed?
    We love it when our animal friends visit us! RockSide Winery is pet friendly in our outdoor areas only. We only ask that pets are well controlled, friendly, and cleaned up after. If your pet does not tolerate strangers or other pets, please do not bring it to the winery. Please understand that if we receieve complaints we will have to ask that your take your pet elsewhere. Licensed service animals are permitted indoors if accommodations cannot be made outside.
  • Can I leave my vehicle in the parking lot overnight?
    Yes, absolutely! We do not want anyone driving who has been enjoying themselves and does not feel safe getting behind the wheel. Please make sure to let someone know you are leaving your vehicle by telling an employee, sending us an email at, messaging us on Facebook, or leaving a note on your windshield. If we have not been notified and the vehicle is there when we open the next day we will call our tow company to have it removed. We have this policy in place because we have had multiple issues with people who are not customers parking vehicles in our parking lot for multiple days. Again, please leave your car if you are not comfortable driving home, but let us know!
  • Do you allow smoking?
    RockSide Winery and Vineyards is a 100% non-smoking facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the grounds. Sensory evaluation is an extremely important part of the wine tasting experience, and cigarette smoke and other tobacco products directly impact an individual’s ability to smell and taste their wine. Additionally, we strive to keep our property clean from cigarette butt waste. Vaping is allowed as long as it is not distrubing other guests.
  • Can you accomodate large groups?
    RockSide Winery is a small family business that is extremely busy and growing. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to every person who walks in the door. For that reason these are our group policies. - We do not accept reservations or call-ahead seating. - Seating may not be held ahead for large groups. Holding tables inside or out is not permitted. - We strongly urge groups of 8 or more to avoid visiting Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as these are our busiest days and it is unlikely we will have space for the group. - Groups of 5 or more WILL NOT be seated until the entire party is present. - Groups of 8 or more will likely be required to be split up to multiple tables. - For groups larger than 6 we request that you pay by one check and there will be a 20% automatic gratuity. - For the safety of guests, to avoid damaging furniture and blocking emergency exits and walkways, we ask that tables and chairs, inside or outside, are not moved. If you need to move tables or chairs please see a staff member for assistance. - We are not able to accomidate groups of 15 or more during regular hours of operation. Please see our "Private Events" page on our website, or call us at the winery to discuss options for a private function.
  • What happens if I forget to close my tab?
    We know, it happens sometimes, no worries. If your tab has not been taken care of by closing time we will close it for you using the card you gave us when you opened the tab. Please keep in mind we will add a 25% tip on the total. If you would rather you can always pay as you go instead of opening a tab.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open Tuesday through Thurssday from 2-8:00pm, Friday and Saturday from 1-9:0pm, and Sundays from 1-5:00pm. Keep in mind last call for alcohol is 30 minutes before close, and the kitchen closes 60 minutes before closing.
  • Do you offer anything other than wine?
    Yes we do! We always have four local beers on tap, and we also have a variety of bourbons available. For the desginated driver in the group we have sodas available.
  • Can I bring in my own food?
    Sure! You are welcome to bring in your own food, but please also bring your own utensils, serving ware, napkins, etc. We also appreciate that you are drinking our products while you enjoy your food! There are no outside beverages allowed, and absolutely no outside alcohol.
  • When did the winery open?
    Rockside Winery and Vineyards was first started by Ron and Lynn Rutter. Ron began planting the vineyards in 2007, and the winery was first opened in 2011. The Coolidge family purchased the winery in 2014. Mom, Valerie Coolidge, takes care of the grounds and the vineyards (a very big job). Dad, Robin Coolidge, is the business manager and jack of all trades. Son Ryan Coolidge is the Winemaker and General Manager. Sister/Daughter by another mother, Taylor Clarke, is our Tasting Room Manager and Queen of Slushies! :-)
  • Are slushies avaialble to go?
    Sure! We sell slushies to go in 32oz mason jars. Ask for current pricing.
  • Can you ship wine to me?
    We can, but only to addresses in the state of Ohio. Unfortunately, every state has a different set of laws controlling taxes and licenses. There is no way currently for a small winery like ours to be keep up with all those variations in every state.
  • Can we bring our own chairs for outside?
    Sure! If the patios and gazebos are full you are welcome to bring your own chairs! Only outside, please.
  • Are all your wines made from the grapes you grow?
    Most, but not all. There are a few wines that we make from grapes we bring from other places, mainly those that we love, but the grapes just don't grow well here in Ohio. We also sometimes bring in grapes and juice to suppliment that grapes that we grow, particularly if it has been a bad year for grapes in our vineyard.
  • Do you offer tours?
    No, not usually. We do sometimes have special events that include tours of the vineyards. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for those announcements.
  • Do I need an appointment for a wine tasting?
    No, you can visit any time we are open to taste our wines. A tasting is 5 tastes for $9.00, or $2.00 per single taste. Keep in mind we do not take reservations, everything is first come, first served.
  • Do you serve food?
    Yes, but keep in mind we are not a full service restaurant. We have small bites, cheese and crackers, hummus, bread boards, and the link. We also have four pizzas available that we can make for you. You can see our menu by clicking the button below.
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